Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pregnancy and Hair Loss

A factor for hair loss is pregnancy. This happens when a woman has given birth within a period of three months. It is trite that while a woman is pregnant there is high level of hormonal imbalance making the body to lose hair. This would occasionally fall off her head. This may also happen during the first trimester but the cycle of growth resumes after loss and it continues like that again and again until this hormonal imbalance is remedied, possibly after birth.

Medicines and the Side effects.

In certain circumstances, medicines taken can cause hair loss, whether during pregnancy or any medication related to health predicaments. Take for example, the anticoagulants or blood thinners, hypertension, too much vitamin A, family planning pills as well as antidepressant among others. Additionally are particular infections associated with these drugs like fungal infections especially in children?

However, this could be treated by an antifungal medication. Besides, it could occur as part and parcel of a primary disease like diabetes or cancer. When you see your hair falling off, it’s a sign of a disease and it could be treated. So once you find out that it is a treatable disease, follow the medical prescriptions and you will get your hair back. You can take some kind of medical help to overcome this situation of hair loss.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Hair Thinning - A Major Issue

There are lots of people from all over the world facing this problem of hair loss. There are lots of people who are really suffering from this grave problem of losing their hair. Hair thinning is one of the biggest problems faced by human beings. This brings about hair loss and also creates lots of problems for people, like depression and loss of self confidence. This happens because the body is unable to replace the hair, which is lost, do to medical and genetic reasons. As soon as you think that this could be the problem you should take care of yourself and find a treatment to overcome this situation if you feel it will be detrimental to you.

Why Hair Loss Happens?
This situation may happen due to the fact that it could be a hereditary problem. This may be done due to the fact the scalp has got a problem. This could be due to some major issues like excessive use of chemicals. You should take care and find out which is the best treatment to suit you needs and requirements. As science is growing there are lots of different forms of treatments, which are there in the market, which do not have too many side effects. There could be various reasons for this happening one of the reasons could be an excessive doe of medicines. There are lots of people from all over this world who face this major problem of hair loss. You should go in for some medicines, which help you a great deal without too many side effects.